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Yamaha machine YV100XG
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High - speed high - precision multi - functional modular placement machine;

0.18 sec / CHIP ultra high speed placement (best condition);

IPC9850 state, the patch speed up to 16200CPH (equivalent to 0.22 seconds / CHIP);

To ensure full placement accuracy of up to ± 50 microns, the whole repeatability of up to ± 30 microns;

Applicable range, from 0201 (British) micro-components to 31mmQFP large components are applicable;

Using two high-resolution multi-vision digital cameras;

CSP / BGA components for the whole solder ball continuous identification, including the determination of the loss of good solder ball;

Can choose to fly with YAMAHA patent change the mouth, can effectively reduce the machine idle loss;

Universal type of the best choice

Patch speed 20000CPH (tablets / hour) Automatic manual automatic model YV100X brand yamaha

Mounting accuracy: ± 0.1mm / CHIP, ± 0.08mm / QFP;

Mounting speed; 0.2 scc / CHIP, 1.0 scc / QFP

KFP, MFP, SOT, PLCC, QFP, BGA, CSP and special-shaped electromechanical components, pin pitch ≥0.3mm

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