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SLM 100 Series
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SLM110 SLM120

Alignment Flying Vision Flying Vision

Number of Spindles 5 Spindles x 1Gantry 5 Spindles x2 Gantry

Placement Rate Flying Vision Chip 160821,500 CPH(Optimum) Chip1608 43,000CPH(Optimum)

Placement Accuracy Chip ±80um @u+3σ Sigma

(Based on the standard chips) ±80um @u+3σ Sigma

(Based on the standard chips)

Component Range Flying Vision 0603 ~ □32㎜IC 0603 ~ □32㎜IC

Max. Height H=8.5mm H=8.5mm

Board Dimension(mm) Minimum 80(L)x 50(W) 80(L)x 50(W)

Maximum 1PCB 1,200(L) )x 356(W) 1,200(L) )x 356(W)

2PCB 380(L)x 356(W) 380(L)x 356(W)

PCB Thickness 0.38-4.2 0.38-4.2

Feeder Capacity 16ea 32ea

Utility Power AC220±20V(50/60Hz,3phase) AC220±20V(50/60Hz,3phase)

Max.2.6KVA Max.4.3KVA

Air Consumption 0.5~0.7Mpa(5.1~7.1kgf/cm2)160NI/min


16oN/min 330N/min

Mass Approx. 1,200kg Approx. 1,250kg

External Dimension (min) 1,650(L) x1,200(D) x1,405(H) 1,650(L) x1,200(D) x1,405(H)


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