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Modular High Speed Placement Machine CM602L
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 Wide range of variations

The most suitable module can be selected to place components from microchips to odd-shaped components, as well as depending on the products and the production volume.

*Heads can be changed after purchase.

Improves actual productivity with lighter high-speed head and new optimization

Lighter high-speed head and new manufacturing sequence optimization has increased productivity by 7 % compared to the former optimization model Ver.4.

New high-flexibility 8 nozzles head Further component handling capability

The generalized Ver.5 (optional) expands existing component range. A wide variety of components, ranging from a 0402 chip to 50mm and a large size connector (100× 50mm),have become mountable.

The 3D sensor and direct tray feeder can be installed as before providing superior handling capabilities for odd-shaped components.

Improves area productivity with compact feeder carts

Increases placement reliability by the 3D sensor

High-quality placement for IC component via the 3D sensor

High-speed detection via batch scanning.

Multifunctional transfer unit supporting POP and C4

Highly versatile unit accurately transfers solder/flux for POP top packaging/C4 mounting on the bump side.

Quick changeover capabilities

High modular compatibility

High compatibility with CM402 series realized through modular manufacturing concept



Model ID       CM602-L

Model No. NM-EJM8A

PCB dimensions (mm) L 50 x W 50 to L 510 x W 460

High-speed head 12 nozzles

Max.speed 100 000 cph (0.036 s/chip <Type A-2>)

Placement accuracy ±40 µm/chip (Cpk1)

Component dimensions (mm) (01005") 0402 chip *5 to L 12 mm × W 12 mm × T 6.5 mm

High-flexibility head LS 8 nozzles

Max.speed 75 000 cph (0.048 s/chip <Type A-0>)

Placement accuracy ±40 µm/chip, ±35 µm/QFP 24 mm,

±50 µm/QFP <24 mm (Cpk1)

Component dimensions (mm) (01005”) 0402 chip *5 to L 32 mm × W 32 mm × T 8.5 mm *8

When the generalized Ver.5 is optionally selected (01005”)0402 chip *5 to L 100 mm × W 50 mm × T 15 mm *6

Multi-functional head 3 nozzles

Max.speed 20 000 cph (0.18 s/QFP <Type B-0>)

Placement accuracy ±35 µm/QFP (Cpk1)

Component dimensions (mm) (0201") 0603 chip to L 100 mm × W 90 mm × T 25 mm *7

PCB exchange time 0.9 s (Board length:up to 240 mm Under optimum conditions)

Electric source 3-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480 V, 4.0 kVA

Pneumatic source *1 0.49 MPa, 170 L /min(A.N.R.)

Dimensions (mm) W 2 350 x D 2 290 *2 x H 1 430 *3

Mass*4  3400KG


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