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High-Speed Flexible Mounter KE-3010A
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M size (330x250 mm) yes

L size (4FFF10x360 mm) yes

L-Wide size (510x360 mm) *1 yes

XL size (610x560 mm) yes

Applicability to long PWB (M size)*2 650x250mm

Applicability to long PWB (L size)*2 800x360mm

Applicability to long PWB (L-Wide size)*2 1,010x360mm

Applicability to long PWB (XL size)*2 1,210x560mm

Component height 6mm yes

12mm yes

Component size Laser recognition 0402(01005)~□33.5mm

Vision recognition Standard camera 3mm*3~□33.5mm

High-resolution camera 1.0x0.5mm*4~□20mm

Placement speed Chip Optimum 23,500CPH

IPC9850 18,500CPH

IC*5 9,000CPH *6

Placement accuracy Laser recognition ±0.05 mm (±3σ)

Vision recognition ±0.04 mm

Feeder inputs Max.160 in case of 8mm tape


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